Politicians and Portraits

Politicians and Portraits

Why politicians shouldn’t be involved in choosing images of themselves.   Candidate workshops are events where folks running for local offices or the legislature and their key staff gather to hear from experienced campaign staffers about how to run a winning effort. I was involved in these...
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SO, you want to use some of our images…

Lit Happens photographs candidates for public office, and campaigns or groups who are our clients often post them on social media. Occasionally, an entity outside the campaign wishes to download an image for their own use. Please be aware that Lit Happens is the copyright holder on ALL the images we produce,...
An 1869 letter from St. Anthony: "The climate is the principle boast of Minnesota"

An 1869 letter from St. Anthony: “The climate is the principle boast of Minnesota”

Here is an old letter posted from the former city of St. Anthony, MN from 1869. I’ve had it for some years, but didn’t get around to reading it until this weekend, when I was laid up with a cold and was looking for something passive to do. St. Anthony was across...
Chmielewski's Funtime Campaign Lit

Chmielewski’s Funtime Campaign Lit

To generations of polka lovers in the Upper Midwest, the name Chmielewski (shiml-LESS-key) is writ upon the firmament. The Chmielewski Funtime Band, a multi-generational group of family members have been playing polkas in church yards, taverns and VFW clubs since 1882. At one time, their weekly polka show was broadcast “throughout the...
A (small) treasury of campaign lit and ephemera

A (small) treasury of campaign lit and ephemera

Lit Happens has a tidy collection of political lit that we scan from time to time and post for the benefit of you, the lonely web surfer. Have an interesting or funny campaign piece to share with the world? Scan it, and drop us a line at info(at)lithappens(dot)com. We’ll likely post it!
Updated: That time Karen Clark ran for the state senate

Updated: That time Karen Clark ran for the state senate

(UPDATED) Check out the note I received from someone involved in the race with important corrections! Before she became one of the most tenured members of the Minnesota House of Representatives, Karen Clark started out running for a vacant Senate seat. The incumbent, State Senator Steve Keefe, declined to run for reelection...
"...and they call us Communists..."

“…and they call us Communists…”

One of the cardinal rules of responding to a negative message is to never repeat the charge – it only gives the bad thing greater exposure. Obviously, Governor Floyd B. Olson didn’t care in this 1934 reelection folder, where his campaign compared Olson’s “creed” with…communism. In contrast, he comes out well!