MoeFun001You’ve driven all the way from East Grand Forks to talk to your legislator about something that’s on your mind. You even took in a tour of the Capitol – now what?

You can jump back in your car and drive all the way back home, or you can spend a night or two and take in the sights.

This handy little flyer from the office of former Majority Leader Roger Moe gave visitors a starting point for their stay in the glittering Twin Cities.

While once common in legislative offices for rural members, I haven’t seen this sort of thing at the Capitol in a while – the internet took care of that. THANKS AL GORE.

But in the days before constant connectivity, it was a clever way for legislators to attach their name and image to something that a visitor would willingly pick up and put in their pocket or purse. Judging from that artwork and typesetting – it didn’t cost much to produce, either.

I think I’ll give that Happenings Line a call.

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