We have a tidy archive of old-timey campaign literature, and we plan to post a bunch of them as we get around to scanning them.

First up, from 1940: Hjalmar Petersen goes after Harold Stassen.

Farmer-Laborite Hjalmar Petersen was elected Lt. Governor of Minnesota in 1934 and served until he was sworn in to replace legendary Governor Floyd B. Olson, who died of cancer in August of 1936. Petersen didn’t run for Governor in 1936, and instead ran for and was elected Railroad and Warehouse Commissioner.

US Senator Elmer Benson, another Farmer-Laborite, was elected Governor in 1936 by a huge margin. In 1938, Benson was defeated by an even bigger margin by Republican Harold Stassen, the 31-year old Dakota County Attorney.

In 1940, the fading Farmer-Labor Party ran Petersen against Stassen, and this flyer was issued by the Petersen campaign.